-60s Rock trio with 3-part vocal harmony

"Elevator brings everyone to their feet and infects a diverse crowd with their positive and energetic spot-on performances of classic pop rock nuggets that transcend generations. Always a happy, packed show with people amazed and awestruck that this unassuming but well schooled three piece packs such a tremendous happy-go-lucky sonic punch."

-Garrett Ingraham, owner of Tramantane Cafe in Utica, NY


Jim Barnes - Bass Guitar and vocals

Formed in 2002, Elevator hails from Waterville, New York, where the band is regarded as a local favorite.

From the beginning, the band has set the bar high, choosing material that most three-piece bands would not even attempt. The trio distills tunes originally performed by five-piece bands with horn sections.

Ray Barnes - Drums and vocals

As brothers, Jim and Ray Barnes have an intuitive synchronization, creating an impeccable rhythm section. Jim employs melodic and punctual bass lines, urging the music from beneath. Ray drums with precision and a keen sense of subtlety.

Alan Cook uses his guitar like a paintbrush, coloring the soundscape, sometimes implying arrangements from the original recordings, sometimes creating original sounds of his own that melt seamlessly into the fabric of this tightly woven group. 

Glistening three part harmony combined with the tightness of a rock trio gives Elevator its colorful and dynamic sound.

Alan Cook - Guitar and vocals

Nowadays, Alan lives in Maine, Ray and Jim live in New York. As a result, performances have been rare, anticipated, and well attended. As a group, they have a connection that is unbreakable and produce energy that is infectious.

Elevator is available for event bookings in New York and New England.