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Fremont Street String Band is a Down East Maine bluegrass band. They push the boundaries of convention, innovating and reinvigorating classic tunes, without sacrificing the heart and guts of America's musical heritage. Their original songs are about Maine, love, life, and everything that matters. Engaging and energetic, this band breathes life into its audiences and leaves them feeling more alive.

Landon R. GUptill

Guitar & Vocal

Ryan French

Upright Bass & Vocal

Ryan Martin


Alan Cook

Fiddle, Mandolin, & Vocal

Michael Giudilli

Guitar & Vocal

The five of us met at the University of Maine at Machias. Four of us were students and roommates at an old house on Fremont Street, half a block from campus. Alan was a music instructor at the college and would come over, during breaks and after work, and we'd often gather around a kitchen table and casually pick. This led to some performing 

around town, at campus events, at the local bar, etc.

Graduation, inevitably, pushed each of us to different localities and into various professional pursuits. However, in recent years, the band has grown to become a vibrant part of our lives.

In June of 2018, we released our debut album, "Dirigo", which has had some success on Maine Radio and is available for free streaming or purchase.

Alan officially joined with the band, in late 2018. We’ve been playing our music from Sugarloaf to Bar Harbor, Portland to Lubec, College of the Atlantic to Wheaton... and boy, we’ve logged a lot of weekend miles.

In 2020, we are performing all over coastal Maine, with the occasional jaunt to Central and Western Maine and other New England destinations. Mike and Alan live downeast. French lives mid-coast. Landon and Martin live in the Portland area. We trek hundreds of miles to arrive at the shows we play, humbled and grateful for another chance to share in this music making life.

There are some new live recordings that we have made (more to be released), which reflect this phase in our life well. We are also looking forward to the opportunity to do some studio recording this year. Stay tuned and thanks for checking in.

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Fremont Street String Band c.2019